The surroundings

  • The Flemish Ardennes are one of the most beautiful regions of Flanders. A magnificent nature that is interrupted by historic cities and idyllic villages. A hilly area full of rich history and delicious delicacies. Marked cycling and walking routes in the vicinity are available in the holiday home. You can also discover nice places to table or to raise the glass.

  • Our greatest asset is nature. There are many forests (Kloosterbos at 1 km, Livierenbos, Brakelbos, Burreken, Kluisbos, ...) and nature reserves (Munkbosbeek Valley, Perlinkvallei, Zwalmvallei, ...). Furthermore, there are also recreational areas (the Rijdtmeersen in Brakel, the Gavers in Geraardsbergen, ...) and many water and windmills (Biestmolen, Boembekemolen, Bostmolen, Ijzerkotmolen, Koutermolen, Moldergemolen, Oude Madrienne, Pede's molentje, Vanderlindenmolen, Vinkemolen, Zwalmmolen, ...).

  • To discover all these beautiful natural aspects there is a high observation tower nearby that you can climb for free.



  • Zegelaerbos (Ravottersbos) at 350 m, Kloosterbos at 800 m

  • 'Natuurpunt' nature reserve at 200 m

  • Restaurants at 4km

  • Shops: Sint-Maria-Oudenhove (2km), Brakel (4km), Zottegem (8km)

  • Mister cash:  Sint-Maria-Oudenhove (2km), Brakel (4km)

  • Bus: On-call bus in front of the door

  • Station: Lierde (4km)

Other possibilities


  • 'De zotte vos' is the ideal base for a hike or bike ride through the Flemish Ardennes. You can swim in the swimming pools 'Poseidon' (Brakel), 'De Bevegemse Vijvers' (Zottegem) or in the open-air swimming pool provincial domain 'De Gavers', all within reach in less than 20 minutes. Athletics, horse riding and all ball sports are just a stone's throw away.

Vespa rental, hot air balloon and helicopter flights

  • Discovering all the pleasures of the Flemish Ardennes in a fun and relaxing way, that is possible on a Vespa! On you will find all the necessary information!
    You do have to book one day in advance.

  • For those who prefer to stay in higher spheres: in Schorisse you can book a breathtaking balloon ride or a sensational helicopter flight, more info at  Balloon & Heli.

Regional specialties and other goodies

  • Mattentaart, geutelingen, Balegem gin, Oud Zottegem beer, Pater Lieven brewed in our village brewery,... see the information folder in the holiday home and enjoy!